Kieli Localization

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What we do


 Speech Data


We collect and train speech data models in Arabic, English, French and Finnish languages. Our expertise includes personal virtual assistants, vehicle infotainment assistants and IVR systems for call centres.


 Language Service


We help Businesses succeed globally by understanding and solving complex issues regarding language, content, authoring, expansion, and making websites and software relevant to global customers.


 Text Data


We annotate, categorise and classify language data, examine written communications to draw meaning out of texts, find patterns and topics of interest and check their relationship.

Our Sectors

From data and digital information solutions to live events, Digital Publishing, education services. Our experience spans across sectors such as marketing, ?Financial services, healthcare, media and many more. Our extensive linguist network and technological capabilities mean that we can cater to your specific business requirements. 

Why Us


Our skilled project managers use multiple quality control methods and mechanisms to meet and exceed quality standards for training data.


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