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Data Classification

Data Extraction

Data extraction is the task of retrieving data out of the web for further data processing. This may be done manually or algorithmically. Usually, these data is either unstructured or poorly structured. Data scaping  is another method of extarcting data fron the web

Data needs to be organised and classified assuring that it is accurate before being put in use. Our experts can help you with contexual data extarction.

Data Classification

Adding semantic tags to your data in the form of metadata. This metadata can enrich these data and travel with it, wherever it goes to enhance its eDiscovery and make it easier to be found on all available search engines.

Classified data can also be read by other programmes to determine exactly its value and what it is for and how it should be handled.

Vocabulary Analysis

Vocabulary analysis involves the examination of a document's wording to explore the concepts those words represent.

Examining a corpus as a collection of its underlying words, rather than as a whole document, allows greater exploration of the patterns that underlie the assembly of complex meaning from discrete linguistic elements.

Content Analysis

Using content analysis can help quantify and analyze the  meanings and relationships of words, themes, or concepts then make inferences about the messages within the texts, the writer, the audience, and even the culture and time of surrounding the text.

Kieli can quickly explore and uncover hidden meanings in your text data.

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