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Software Localization

Website Localization

Website localisation is the best way to reach foreign markets. Though English is considered a “global language,” people in different countries may still prefer to use their own language.

Website localisation can attract potential customers to your website. It is, therefore an essential first step towards the internationalization of your activity, especially when related to e-commerce. 

Software Localization

Make sure that your software is not limited to a particular language. Innovate, build, and deploy globally with Kieli real time localization services.

We help world’s top companies localize their software applications with the highest linguistic quality at affordable prices. We are able to handle diverse file formats, which ensures that the localisation process remains within the desired schedule.

Multimedia Localization

Video games industry is now one of fastest growing industries in the world. It has become an irreplaceable part of our global culture. The creative element is undoubtedly very important for launching a game across international markets; however, the localisation of user interface is key to truly attracting global users and providing a smooth gaming experience.

We offer complete multimedia localization. we can help you expand the reach of your multimedia content. 

Product Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making changes to your website so that it ranks high on search engine results. A product has a number of attribute and different variations. Typically, the goal is to increase marketing metrics such as Purchase Intent and Frequency.

Kieli Localization can help you with product optmization, database linkage. Your product can be adapted the the target market linguistically and culturally without loosing the original meaning.

Desktop Publishing

The use of DTP on translated documents is important but not always necessary. If the translated text needs to resemble the original as close as possible, then DTP should be considered.

Our team will work together with you to ensure that your finished product is presented accurately and to the highest standards. We use the latest design software tools and we return completed files via our secure file transfer system. 

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