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Kieli Localization is a British company specializing in data classification, data categorization, media subtitling, voice over and software localization. Kieli Localization has been delivering high-quality language services, sustained by fair and decent relations, helping national and international clients alike to break down language barriers and reach global audience.

Whether you are coming from the public or private sector, Kieli can offer you the help you need, producing for you the digital content that will represent your brand as efficiently and naturally as it deserves to be.

Our History

Kieli Localization is a linguistic engineering and language translation provider. We are offering both services at the same time because we are in fact linguist and accredidted translators. We want to assure our clients that we are not going to manage their projects likewise most traditional translation agencies do. On the other hand, we offer the our clients our expertise and our knowledge.

Kieli partners with clients across all industries, offering them a tailored solution based on their goal and budget. Our activity span the entire linguistic engineering spectrum, covering in-context software localisation, translation, interpretation, transcription, subtitling and multilingual SEO. We are also providing data annotation, classification and categorisation to help businesses build machine learning data analysis.





Text Approach consultancy was founded to help technology companies with data management, content translation, localization and quality assurance.

Collaborated with Harman International on the developement of a dialogue system application. Project includes localization, classification, and categorization 

Collaborated with Samsung Electronics on the customisation of a virtual assistant application. Project includes localization, data categorization, and classification. 

Enlarging the scope of our activity adding data annotation, text  analysis, voice over and media subtitling. Our voice database will be soon available for our clients.

What we do

Kieli provides a wide array of services to software and media companies worldwide.

Our wide range of services span from software localization to audio subtitling and data classification

Data Classification

Software Localization

Audio Recording

Data Management

The Team


Data Analyst

Hi there!

My name is Chakir .

I have been providing English to Arabic/French translation and language analysis services since 2009. Prior to that I had been working as a part time substitute teacher of English language and a customer service represenattive at Accor Group, specialissed in offer the group customer the best service.

Language is the core of any publish content; however, translation is the medium through which this content is shared among people. For me, translationand content analysis is a passion. I love to convert texts from one language to another, extract meaning from used words and phrases, grasp a pallet of meaning and transform it with an aid of expressive means to a target text.

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Find out how reliable training data can give you the confidence to deploy AI

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