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Data Annotation

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Adam Kohn


Data Management

Chakir was fast to respond, and quickly sorted out the problem I was having. Highly recommended.

Ronke Oluwadare


Software Internationalization

We have received great feedback with regards to your work. Many thanks for your help and hard work.

Lisa Masterson

Bond Adapt

Speech Analysis

Very clear communication. Very polite and nice service. Worked with Chakir, who is a subject matter expert.

Joshua Gould

The Bigword

Software Localization

Chakir was our professional localisation engineer and language expert in England. Chakir provides a good job. Well done,

Kate Marshall

World Programming

Linguistic Validation

We used Anfa-Translation for our linguistic validation and localisation projects, they are quick and offer a very reliable service.

Diane Wild

Oxford Outcomes


Data Annotation

Our clients can rely on us for their data analytics and data management projects. We can convert audio scripts into written text, extract important information to learn more about the main key words and the main intent then annotate the rest of the content to improve the  natural language understanding model.

Speech data annotation
Speech Analysis

Project Details

The list of our list of clients span every industry. We provide our client with. Our last project involves speech analysis for one of the leading companies in language assessment. The project includes speech data analysis, data annotation,

Keywords: arabic dialects, gulf variations, transcription, speech analysis

Data Collection

Kieli partners with several organizations to assist them in analysing and transforming data to make it ready for their predictive Ai model. Once companies collect raw data for a specific business problem or - otherwise- request Kieli to assist them in the task, you can easily handle it into Kieli no matter what type of data is it it., Kieli evaluates the data and creates diffenent segments and categories then annotate the data according to the context.

Audio segmentation
Audio data collection

Project Details

We have provided our speech data collection for a telecommunication company desiring to improve voice assisted navigation on their future entretainement device. 

The project involves the collection and annotation of geolocalization points of interests using voice and text search, the creation of language variation to enrich the search database and finally the improvement of the lexicon database involved in the understanding process. 

Keywords: navigation, telecommunication, machine learning, language model, ASR