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The form on the right hand is our service request form. You can select the service you would like to receive a support for from the drop down list.


Thriving on innovation, reliability, and confidentiality, Kieli offers high-quality solution for  linguistic engineering related tasks, be it software localisation, data categorisation, and data management.


We use the latest technologies. For software localisation we are working with a renowned CMS. For text analytics, we use NVivo. Be assured that we can help you find the expert linguists of your need. 


Start off by filling the form to the right. You can choose the service we from  the drop list under "Project Nature". A member of the team will get back to you with the right answer.


Any question related to Kieli services or how we can help, please drop us an email either by using our contact form or send us an email to Following to collaborate with you soon.


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